Welcome to MirrorTeru's personal site!

Some pages are more prepared than others, some still empty right now, some made but not linked yet. It's getting there!! I'm currently in the process of cleaning up this mess of code, so watch out!

(07/06/23): Hello, it's been a month. I'm doing... better, I guess? Comparatively. At the very least, I seem to have some creative drive again. Currently, I'm using it to work on the ConcealedErrors site-- specifically the cast page, finally. When I get the characters down that I want to there, I'll get back to work here!

(06/04/23): ...and of course something happens, my brother died the other night in a car accident, so. More time is needed, unfortunately.

Planned Next To Do : ConcealedErrors page > Journal > Interests( > Vocaloid Shrine)

Eventual hope, but not a priority : UTAU VB page, making the index page more ~interesting~ + probably embedding my twitch stream and putting my schedule up on it.

quick makeshift webring area for now