Commissions currently closed and under construction.


CONTACT : Twitter DM's, Tumblr, Email

  • Payment is due before I start on the commission. Payments will be done via Paypal Invoices. Tips are quite welcome!

  • Provide visual references-- it makes things MUCH easier for me.

  • More complex designs might warrant a higher price.

  • Refunds are available ONLY before I start on the commission.

  • Commissions might take a couple weeks to a couple months, depending on life and my health. I will send WIP's throughout the process!
    • That being said, if you have a deadline for your commission, I am still happy to take it, and will be sure to get it to you in a timely manner. However, I likely won't take too many of these types of commissions at once.

  • I have the right to reject any commission requests, for whatever reason.

  • I am allowed to use your commissions as future examples for commissions, portfolio, ect.

  • You can use art commissioned from me for personal use, but do NOT edit or use it for profit, unless I give you explicit permission.

  • If you ordered a Sketch or Lined commission-- you can go ahead and do your own lines / colors / rendering if you wish! Just make sure to credit me for the original lines / sketches. The previous 'do not use for profit unless I give you permission' still stands.

  • You must credit me for my art wherever it's posted. A link back to any of my social medias/sites would be nice, but my username is enough.

  • Using my art for NFT's or any sort of cryptocurrency / blockchain thing is STRICTLY prohibited.

  • I also do not give consent to my art, commissioned or not, to be used for AI art.