The real posting date of this is Octover 25th, 2023. But, I'm going by the date I had this dream. It just feels... I dunno. Interesting to start it off with. And, perhaps, gives a taster of how weird my dreams are, sometimes.

Anyhow, the dream started off... from what I can still remember, being in an artificially-put together looking forest. Like, the trees looked kind of like RSE tree sprites kind of thing. I was sitting by, relaxing, while others were enjoying themselves by the... also very square looking lake. Not pool, again, kind of pokemon sprite-esque.

I was enjoying my time, when... something happened. Kadin was there, calm enough, but... something odd ended up happening against their will, that caused them to just. Lose their mind, go completely haywire.

Their eyes glowed an unusual color-- purple or something in the dream, in the dark, and there were... other things I can't remember that was really messing with their emotions and making them lose it even more. Something in relation to their fears of being along, but also deep anger, and their glitch mode.

In response to this, understandably, everyone just. Ran. Fast as they could, away from the area, in different directions-- myself included, deeper into the forest. (Which started to look more like an actual forest, and less weird artificial game-y. Dark too.)

It played out a bit like a video game regardless, though-- having to dodge various obstacles, like fallen trees, or, well... trees outright being ripped from the ground by them and thrown like projectiles.

I finally made it to the other end of the forest, which reminded me a bit of the Lost Woods + that one area in spooky's jumpscare mansion that was based on the Lost Woods. There was a building nearby, which I saw more people running into for shelter. Apparently they thought it would be enough to keep them safe from the rampaging Kadin, somehow.

Spoiler alert, it very much did not.

Kadin, in an enraged fit, very easily broke into the building, attacking those within. They sent out small-- creations of sorts, that I don't remember much of looks-wise at this point, to capture people, and do who knows what with.

More running. More fleeing. More trying to escape a tornado with its path set right on you-- or it felt like it, anyhow.

Eventually, I ended up deep underground the building-- its basement, or something of the like. Much time had apparently passed since Kadin first lost it-- days at the very least. Down in this basement, was what seemed to be a last holdout of people who somehow managed to escape and stay safe, away from Kadin's awareness.

The area was... well, I described it as neir automata-esque. Like, the church mod, the copied city, the white tower, that kind of thing. It was... kind of a church? Kind of a cafeteria with a stage? Very white, with similar incomplete block-y areas around the edges (and especially near the entrence). Also, huge. The edges kind of faded out, though there were gigantic windows with lightly, softly golden curtains, white light peeking through.

The background music was also... outright Popola's Song of the Ancients.

People were praying, people were serving food to one another-- but, since quite a bit of time HAD passed, apparently the food was starting to run low.

Even so, one guy shared a concha with me, which was quite nice.

The peace and rest wouldn't last forever, though. Sirens suddenly started blaring, with the sound of banging on the doors to this area. I went to hid behind one of the large, golden curtains (there was a good size ledge with the windows as well, so I could sit there), while peeking through a crack to see what was happening.

Suddenly, these... rolling white stone heads burst through the door (similar to Emil's head in looks, but. Different?), attack the people-- but they managed to drive them back, barricading the doors after.

More time passed, as people trying to figure out what to do, if they were still safe or not, and whatnot. I was sitting on one of the cubes near the entrance, just kind of listening to all the talk, when I noticed suddenly... sitting next to me, and one behind me, were two girls. Clara-doll looking things, with red dresses like those red dress girls.

I realized, they must be from Kadin, and as I heard the talk start to go on defenses, what the group had, weak spots and such, I desperately wanted to stop them from talking and saying too much-- but it was too late.

I ran to a lower area of the church, only to be met with Kadin breaking through the doors. Met with, as in, I was face to face with them.

Frightened, but with nothing to really lose at that point, I tried talking them down, trying to get them back to their senses and stop the rampage. I don't remember what all was said-- but it almost worked, and their expression was softening... but something set them off again in what I said, even worse than before.

They became so intensely angry, their own form looked like it was-- breaking. Cracking, glitching, with some sort of dark... something poking through the cracks and writhing.

Knowing I screwed up, but also seeing they were essentially distracted... I ran. Again. Out of the building, out of the no-longer protected area, into the forest. Running and running until I found a small area that seemed... oddly untouched? A small farming community.

Apparently the community had always been nice to Kadin, and thus Kadin returned the kindness. Even in their currently out of control state, they hadn't gone after this community due to that.

Unfortunately... that wouldn't last. They truly were set off far worse than the start, utterly blinded with rage, just wanting to take it out on absolutely everyone and everything. On the world.

The community was laid to ruin, in flames, and once again I ran. I ran and ran until I found myself somewhere-- odd? Somewhere where you could apparently communicate with what makes the world. I tried using it to try and talk to and calm Kadin down again, but they weren't having it-- only wanting to find out where I was, exactly.

They used their senses, but the area seemed to shield me from being found, exactly.

The dream falls apart a bit here though, since I was waking up. Something about a choice, talking them down finally, something leading to either a Secret End or the Normal End, and waking up before I could see exactly what happened.

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